Fundacion Diego Melendez

¡Let us help Diego!

Video provided by WVEN News (Entravision) 
A Puerto Rican family living in florida, dreams of our promise to one of its members, their dearest wish, retrieve your face. I invite you to meet Diego Melendez, a very special child, as an adult, want to become a preacher.

Many say that parenting is a blessing, Barbara and Guillermo looked forward to the arrival of their first child, which would mark a new stage in their life together.

Guillermo Melendez, Diego's father: - "Diego was born on my birthday, September 9th and we had like that since he was born free."

But such happiness, soon darkened, his two years, his son Diego was diagnosed with Parry Romberg syndrome, also known as progressive facial hemiatrophy.

Barbara Melendez, mother of Diego: - "The immune system attacks it instead of helping affected side of the face, affecting bones, muscles, tissues, whole side is affected, the language, everything is smaller, everything shrinks gradually ".

May cause acute episodes of pain sufferers experience their symptoms before age 20.
Confronting a society that is often said, has been difficult for the Puerto Rican family, who left the island, looking for a better future for your child.

Guillermo Melendez, Diego's father: - "We all come with a purpose, the Lord sent us a purpose and if there is someone who says something negative, always tell us to pay you with love."

Diego Melendez, child with Parry Romberg syndrome: - "Yes, a lot of faith."

This family ensures that God has placed angels on their way, and describe the Foundation President Diego Melendez, who had the concern to help the nine-year, as necessary.
Gloria Claudio, president of FundaciĆ³n Diego Melendez: - "And there was a moment at 3 in the morning, I got up and said: - Lord, I will put in your hands but if you you want us to work for that boy, I'll do it but let me sleep, do not forsake me, help me and open my doors. "

Help now translates to seek the funds necessary for the operation of face reconstruction, which will be submitted in July the lowest in the State of Wisconsin. It has an estimated cost of $ 100,000 and will not be covered by any medical plan, this would be one of several surgeries to which the child may be subjected, and whose final cost is still unknown.